• 11/02/2015: Kyu Grade Summer Camp Apply Now
  • 31/01/2015: Kagami Baraki

See below for further details about these events.

Kyu Grade summer camp.

The Kyu Grade summer camp is coming up, all Seido students are welcome for a weekend of training and fun

Venue: Borambola Sport and Recreation Centre, 80 Sturt Highway, NSW 2650
10-12 April 2015, commencing at 5pm on 10th April.
Application forms available at the Dojo
Deadline for applications is 10th of March.

Kagami Biraki 2015

We had 13 people attending a noisy, energy filled, good year starting outdoor class. Afterwards we soaked at Sensei Lyn's pool, all in all it was a great day.
Look at the pictures


Last year was a very busy, eventful year at our dojo. We had 12 people grading to different levels of black belt, which required lots of preparation, involved effort from practically everyone to support the candidates.

The grading people were:
  • Senpai Maree
  • Senpai Elliot
  • Senpai Corey
  • Senpai Helen
  • Senpai Allan
  • Senpai Emma
  • Senpai Sacha
  • Senpai Jonathon
  • Senpai Paul
  • Sensei Maria
  • Kyoshi Nora
  • Kyoshi Miklos

Congratulations to all for their accomplishment.

2013 National Benefit Tournament


This year National tournament will be held on Saturday the 16th November 2013 from 9am 4pm at the King George V Recreation Centre


1. TECHNIQUE / SHIAI (SHADOW KUMITE) for Junior 10th Kyu 5th Kyu Only

2. INDIVIDUAL KATA - (Sogo championship) Open to All Ranks and Age Groups

3. WEAPONS KATA - (Sogo championship) for all Senior Black Belts but only for Junior Nidan

4. TEAM KATA Open to All Ranks and Age Groups

5. INDIVIDUAL KUMITE (POINT SYSTEM) - (Sogo championship) Junior and Senior 4th Kyu and Above Only


7. TEAM KUMITE Junior and Senior 4th Kyu and Above Only

8. BREAKING - (Sogo championship) Senior Black Belts Only

Sogo Championship

Sogo or "overall Champion" title is awarded to the competitor who collected most poins in the qualifying events - individual Kata, weapons Kata, Point Sparring and Breaking.

Please hand in your form to your instructor or send a softcopy to "" - no later than Monday, the 28th October 2013.

A $10 late fee will be added to any applications received after 28th October 2013. Pre-ordered merchandise may not be available on the day of the Tournament for late entries. In case you need to cancel your attendance at the Tournament, you must do so by Monday, 4th November 2013. We cannot refund payment for cancellations after this time.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Sensei Lyn promoted to 4th Dan.

Congratulations to Sensei Lyn who has just successfully completed her grading to 4th Dan. Well done!

Kagami Biraki 2011


First of all, we wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

This year's Kagami Biraki will again be an outdoor training on Saturday 29th of January. As usual we will train in the park at the Dojo, starting at 10 AM. Please bring running shoes, hat and sunscreen. There will be a workout followed by a light breakfast hosted by the Black Belts. Following that will be the traditional pool-party and bbq at Senpai Lyn's.

We look forward to seeing you there!

2011 Summer Camp

2011 Summer Camp is for all Seido members, it will be on the second weekend of April, 8 to 10th, in Wagga Wagga. Application forms will be available at the dojo or via email upon request. Keep that weekend free for Karate. We encourage everybody to come, it is always a very interesting experience!

Travel to camp is by car. We will rent a van so please let us know if you needed transport or if you were available as a driver for part of the trip.

Sensei Kinga promoted to 4th Dan.

Congratulations to Sensei Kinga who has just successfully completed her gradin gfrom 3rd to 4th Dan in New York. Well done!

New Black Belt Promotions

Senpai Jonathan, Senpai Sacha and Senpai Paul all successfully graded to Nidan during this year's black belt camp. Congratulations to you all!

Senpai Kinga retains Kumite Grand Champion title

Senpai Kinga competed once again in the Seido anniversary tournament in New Yrk. In addition to winning the kumite grand chompionship, she also came 2nd in kata. Congratulations to you, Senpai!

Senpai Kinga performing Kanku Kata at 33rd anniversary tournament in New York.

Recent Shodan Gradings

Congratulations to Senpai Marcus and Senpai Imogen for their gradings over the Labor Day long-weekend. Senpai Marcus graded from junior to senior shodan, and Senpai Imogen graded from 1st kyu to junior shodan. Congratulations to you both.

Second annual Kazoku Dojo dinner

The second annual dinner will be held on the 1st of August, starting at 6pm at the Bayview Tavern, 166 Victoria Road, Gladesville. This is the same venue as last year. All students, along with their partners and children are welcome. Please RSVP by the 28th of July if you plan to attend.

Congratulations to Senpai Maria

Congratulations are due to Senpai Maria who has successfully graded to Sandan. Well done!

2009 Seido Summer Camp Report

First and foremost, congratulations to Senpai Dawson and Senpai Jamie for successfully grading to Nidan during the camp. Congratulations also go out to all students from other dojos who graded.

Thank you to everyone who attended. It was a fantastic weekend and a great experience for all involved. A special thanks to everyone who helped organise and those who assisted during the camp. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

2009 Kagami Biraki Report

Another fantastic turnout this year for Kagami Biraki. We were treated to an insanely hot day, ideal for the traditional pool party held afterwards at Senpai Lyn's. Thank you to all who attended, all the instructors who put in such a great effort to run and support the dojo and to all the students. Thank you all.

Next Grading

The next grading for Kyu grade students will be held on March 26th. Keep training, candidates will be notified in person.

Meditation Class

On Monday, February 9th, from 6pm to 7pm (the second class) we will hold a meditation class. It is highly recommended for people attending the camp to gain some experience, as at the camp traditionally on Sunday morning is an hour meditation.

2009 Summer Camp

This year's summer camp will be held on the second weekend of March, from the 6th (Friday 5pm) till the 8th (Sunday 12 noon). The camp will be at our now traditional Jindabyne Sports and Recreation Centre location, and is open to all Seido members. We encourage everyone to attend. Thank you to all students who have handed in their applications. We will proudly present Kazoku Dojo amongst more than a hundred Karateka from around Australia. If you haven't already handed in your application, please do so soon. We are organising the bus for those who need it. Please indicate if you are able to assist with transport, or if you require a place on the bus.

2009 Kagami Biraki

Hoping to build upon the success of last year, we proudly announce the date of Saturday, February 7, 2009 for the next Kagami Biraki. It will be held outside on the field behind the dojo and will be starting at 11am. Bring running shoes, hat and sunscreen. We would like to start on time, so please be punctual. There will be a workout, followed by a light breakfast hosted by the black belts.

After the Kagami Biraki the traditional pool party will be on at Senpai Lyn's place, starting about 1 pm. Everyone welcome. BYO drinks and please also bring a plate.

A very proud moment for our Dojo

Senpai Kinga is currently on a trip around the world for 7 weeks. The first stop of the voyage was New York, for the 32nd Seido Anniversary Tournament. She didn't have too much time to prepare for the contest but she is an experienced competitor and has won many trophies in her 16 year martial arts career. Amongst others, in 2003 at the Seido International Festival in Sydney she won the same Kumite titles as this year.

Senpai Kinga arrived to New York on Wednesday night, attended two classes at Honbu. On Saturday morning she started the tournament still jet-lagged. First she presented her Kata which was awarded second place. This is a great achievement because she faced and outperformed many who train under the direct instruction of Kaicho. The Kumite (point sparring) followed, where she won her division. The "Kumite Grand Champion" title is awarded to the winner of the straight knock-out fights between the division winners. Senpai Kinga had four bouts in a row, winning all to become the overall champion. Congratulations to Senpai Kinga!

You can contact her through Facebook or via the web mail form on our site. See pictures of the 2003 Seido Festival in the photo gallery. As soon as new pictures arrive we will publish all.

A video of one of Senpai Kinga's fights has now been added to the Video Gallery.

Congratulations to our newly graded black belts

Congratulations to Senpai Suzi, Senpai Sacha and Senpai Joan who all took part in the September/October 2008 black belt grading. Senpai Suzi graded to Nidan, Senpai Sacha from junior Shodan to senior Shodan, and Senpai Joan who graded to senior Shodan. We also congratulate students from other dojos that graded also, well done to you all.

Breaking Seminar: September 25, 2008

Thank you to all who attended the breaking seminar. We had an excellent turn out and hope to run more breaking seminars in the future to expand further upon what was learnt at this, our first breaking seminar. Some videos of various breaks were recorded by some students, and with luck, we will be able to post some here on the website.

Black Belt Grading: September 2008

24 students will be participating in the upcoming black belt grading in September. We have 3 students from our dojo taking part, Senpai Suzi, Senpai Sacha, and Joan. Best wishes and good luck to all students from all dojos taking part in the grading.

Our first annual dinner - A huge success

Thank you to everyone who attended our dojo's first annual dinner. A fantastic night was had by all and we had a wonderful turnout. Thank you to all who were part of it, but especially to all of the instructors who have made our first year such a success. The dojo wouldn't be the friendly, wonderful place of learning that it is without your hard work and for that we all salute you. A special thanks also to Julie for organising this dinner and selecting such a great venue to have it at. Thank you to all.

June 21-22 Black Belt Grading

A big congratulations to all who graded on the weekend. Sensei Miklos and Sensei Nora both graded to Yondan. Senpai Lyn graded and is now Sandan, and Senpai Luke who is now a junior Shodan. Well done to you all.

Kazoku Annual Dinner

June 28 will see the first of what we hope to be a long tradition of annual lunch/dinners for the kazoku dojo. The dinner will take place at the Bayview Tavern, 166 Victoria Road, Gladesville. Starting at 5pm. All students, along with their partners and children are welcome. Please RSVP by the 25th of June if you plan on attending.

Vision Australia honours Senpai Miklos and Senpai Nora

On Friday, May 23 2008, Vision Australia recognised the amazing work done in our dojo's vision program, presenting Senpai Miklos and Senpai Nora with a Making A Difference Award. Both gave wonderful acceptance speeches, extending their thanks to all, especially the other instructors and students who have helped make the vision program such a success. This is a very proud moment for our dojo and all associated with it. Congratulations to you both.

Week of July 13-20 2008

Our usual training facilities will not be available during this week due to other commitments of Strathfield Girls High. Due to this, there will be no classes this week.

May 10, 2008: Inter-Dojo Tournament

Thank you to everyone who took part in the tournament on Saturday. We had an excellent turnout and a good time was had by all. Congratulations to all the students who won medals. Our dojo did extremely well, with almost every participant awarded a medal for their efforts.

You can see a summary of results here, and photos can be found in our photo gallery.

April 16, 2008: A future student is born

Many congratulations go out to Allan and his partner Jenny for the birth of their son Alexander. Allan has been a long time member of the vision program and trains regularly with his daughter Sophie. We hope to one day see Alex joining, too. You can find a picture of Alexander here, and the full-size original photo can be found here.

April 3 Grading

Congratulations to all the students who graded. We are very proud to see you all advancing and hope you look forward to the upcoming challenges of your new syllabus.

2008 Black Belt Camp

Thank you to all who attended this years black belt camp, and a big congratulations to all the students who graded while at the camp.

Report of Kagami Biraki

A big thanks to all who turned up for our dojo's first ever kagami biraki. We had a great turn out with 33 people participating. It was great to see everyone who turned up, old and new faces. The celebration was full of spirit and we couldn't ask for a better start to the year for our dojo. Thank you all.

Annual Black Belt Camp

The annual Black Belt camp will be held once again this year from March 7-9 at Jindabyne. January 15th is the deadline for submission of application forms, and all forms should arrive at the branch by January 12th for processing.

Christmas Break

The dojo will have its last classes for 2007 on December 20. Classes will recommence on January 21, 2008. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, and hope to see you all again in 2008.

2008 Kagami Biraki

We are pleased to announce the date for our dojo's 2008 kagami biraki! We hope to see you all in attendance on January 19, 2008. It will be held at our normal training location, starting at 10am with an estimated running time of about an hour. If you've never attended Kagami Biraki before, make this your first. They're a fantastic experience.

November 17th Grading

Congratulations to all the students from our Koori Kids program who graded on the 17th. The grading was held at the settlement in Redfern amongst friends, family and fellow students. We had a great turn out and would like to thank everyone for taking the time to come along. A special thanks to all our Senpais who helped with the grading and gave demonstrations.

You can find photos of the grading in our Photo Gallery.

September 29/30th Black Belt Gradings

Congratulations go out to Senpai Paul for his promotion to Shodan, and to Senpai Linda for her promotion to Sandan. Congratulations also go out to all the students from other dojos that were promoted during this grading period. Well done to you all.